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Booking Condition


For the Villa at Roquefort-les-Pins, Alpes-Maritimes, France

For definitions of what is meant by the terms of the contract, see below the terms and conditions.

Excessive noise at the Villa

We respectfully ask our guests to respect our neighbours and do not make excessive noise. We do not permit any noise in the garden area after 10.30 pm as the local residents have to go to works and their children have to attend schools. It is by French Law we insist on this. In the events of excessive noise if the neighbours call the police, the guests will be evicted without any further notice or any compensation.

Preamble – Fairness

The booking conditions set out the reasonable and fair obligations of the Owner to the Client and of the Client to the Owner. In the unlikely event that a problem arises during the Holiday , it is a fundamental condition of the contract that the Client informs the Owner immediately and gives the Owner a reasonable opportunity to resolve it.

  1. Payment

The contract made between the Owner and the Client comes into force when the Owner receives the 25% deposit and until such time the Owner shall be under no liability to the Client.

If the Client fails to pay the Owner the balance of the payment due for the Holiday on or before the date notified by the Owner, the Owner reserves the right to cancel the Holiday and to retain the deposit already paid by the Client.

  1. Additional Charges

Additional charges (including but not limited to telephone calls made from the Property to mobiles, extra domestic help, unreasonable use of heating or air-conditioning) unless paid before the Client’s departure from the Property,  will be debited from the Client’s Security Deposit.

  1. Occupancy Restrictions

The Property’s pricing structure is based on 11 persons and additional persons up to a Maximum Occupancy of 15 (excluding infants) are subject to a weekly supplement. For the avoidance of doubt, additional persons may only be added by prior written agreement with the Owner. The Owner reserves the right of immediate eviction from the Property if the Client exceeds the Maximum Occupancy without the Owner’s prior knowledge and written consent, or, at the Owner’s absolute discretion, to exclude any additional persons from the Property. Camping is not allowed under any circumstances in the grounds of the Property.

  1. Rental Period

The Client must arrive at the Property on the scheduled arrival date between 1600 hours and 1900 hours, unless a different time or date has been previously agreed with the Owner in writing. If access to the Property cannot be arranged on the scheduled arrival date because of the Client’s late arrival, the Client must arrange and pay for his temporary alternative accommodation.

  1. Property Condition

Upon arrival the Client must inspect the Property with the Owner and sign the Condition Form, noting if applicable any agreed deficiencies in the Property. On the departure date the Client must make a further inspection with the Owner and again sign the Condition Form, noting the Property’s state of cleanliness and any damage and breakages. The Client must vacate the Property by 1000 hours on the departure date and return all the keys to the Property to the Owner.

  1. Property Security

The Client must secure the Property by locking all external doors and boundary gates and closing all windows and shutters and by setting the alarms whenever it is unoccupied; by locking all external doors and boundary gates and closing all ground floor shutters and by setting the alarms at night. The Client shall be liable for any loss or damage suffered by the Owner arising out of the Client’s failure to secure the Property.

  1. Property Cleanliness and Access

The Client shall take good care of and respect the Property and report to the Owner (or such alternative person as the Owner may notify the Client) as soon as they become apparent any defects in its equipment and facilities, and leave the Property in a good state of cleanliness. The Client shall clean thoroughly any item that has been used substantially during the Holiday, including but not limited to ovens, grills, barbecues and refrigerators. The Client shall give access to the Property at all reasonable times during the Holiday for the necessary maintenance of its grounds, swimming pool, equipment and facilities.
All the waste produced at the villa has to be placed in the appropriate bins and left outside the entrance gate for collection by the authorities on appropriate dates as shown on the collection schedule. If this is not carried out a charge of 65 euros will apply which will be deducted form the refundable security deposit.

  1. Security Deposit

When the balance payment for the Holiday falls due, the Client shall also pay the Security Deposit for the Property to cover any loss or unpaid charges arising out of the Holiday.

  1. Holiday Insurance

The Client warrants to the Owner that he or she has taken out insurance that includes Holiday cancellation and public liability cover and that the said insurance covers all members of the party and for the duration of the Holiday.

  1. Cancellation of Booking by the Client

Notice of cancellation of the booking of the Holiday, which must be given by the person making the booking (by recorded delivery letter, fax or email), shall not take effect until received and acknowledged in writing by the Owner. If the reason for cancellation falls within the categories covered by his or her insurance policy, the Client agrees to make a claim directly to his or her insurance company. The Owner shall be under no obligation to refund the Client’s deposit under any circumstances. Where the Holiday has been paid for in full, the Owner may, at his absolute discretion, refund (having deducted his expenses) the balance of 75% in whole or in part (depending upon the period of Notice given by the Client) if the Owner is able subsequently to re-let the Property for the period of the Holiday.

  1. Cancellation of Booking by the Owner

The Owner reserves the right in exceptional, unforeseen circumstances or because of force majeure to make changes to the Holiday or to cancel the same and undertakes use all reasonable commercial endeavours to inform the Client as soon as possible and to make suitable alternative arrangements or to give the Client a full refund.

  1. Limit of Liability

The Client in making a booking with the Owner agrees that except in respect of claims for personal injury or death, which ought to be made to the Client’s insurer under the terms of his insurance policy, the maximum amount of compensation payable by the Owner to the Client shall be a refund of the cost of the Holiday.

  1. Heated Pool Conditions

The heat pump to heat the swimming pool is only operational in cooler months April, May and October. The heat pump is only operational if the out side temperature is above 17 degrees.

  1. Internet and WIFI connections

Heavy rain and thunderstorms interrupt WIFI router and telephone connection by blowing the router which takes one week to replace as a consequence you could be without internet and wifi during this period.
To prevent this occurring, as soon as you notice signs of thunderstorm or notice that thunderstorms are forecast for the day or two please remove the cables connecting the router and the telephone lines. You will find the router in the middle floor reception under the small table, Please remove the connection feeding the black box which shows red light, This will cut the power to the router and the telephone. At the same time remove the two telephone plugs which are located adjacent to the router on the wall. Once the thunderstorms have gone, please reconnect the cable leading to the black box as well as the two telephone cables into the appropriate two plugs as marked both on the male and female plugs.Once the router shows the correct time the system is back in operation.

  1. Code of Behaviour

The Client must respect the Property and be sensitive to its surroundings and neighbours. The Owner reserves the right to evict the Client from the Property immediately without compensation in the event of serious abuse and shall be entitled to deduct from the Security Deposit a reasonable estimate of the cost of rectifying any loss or damage to the Property, plus any final or unpaid cleaning fees or other costs paid locally, as though the Client had remained at the Property for the full rental period.

  1. Complaints

The Client must give the Owner or the Owner’s suppliers every reasonable opportunity to put right any perceived problem at the Property by promptly alerting the Owner (or such alternative person as the Owner may notify the Client). If the Client considers the problem to be serious, he or she must contact the Owner directly and immediately. If the Client remains dissatisfied with some aspect of the Holiday, he or she must state their complaint in writing to the Owner within 60 days of the Client’s return to their normal place of residence. The Client hereby acknowledges that failure to do so may reduce or extinguish any rights he or she may have to make a claim. Any claim relating to illness must be accompanied by a medical report signed by a doctor consulted during the Holiday and by a further report from the Client’s general practitioner seen upon his or her return. The Owner shall use all reasonable commercial endeavours to maintain the swimming pool during periods of the year when it might reasonably be expected to form part of the amenities but shall not be responsible for mechanical failure or climatic conditions affecting swimming pool heating or its water quality.

  1. Website Particulars

The Owner reserves the right to alter any of the particulars of the Property contained on his website at any time before entering into a contract with the Client and thereafter agrees to use all reasonable commercial endeavours subsequently to notify the Client of any material change.
In the event of a duplicate booking we do accept any liability nor compensate for the loss.Who ever sent the deposit first will secure the property

  1. Jurisdiction

The contract shall be subject to the jurisdiction of the Courts of England and Wales.


Contract Definitions

‘Client’ means the person booking the Holiday and includes any other person or persons in his or her party.

‘Owner’ means the owners of the Property or where applicable their local representative who may act as keyholder and caretaker.

‘Holiday’ means the period during which the Client rents the Property from the Owner.

‘Property’ means the villa rented by the Client from the Owner, its buildings, grounds, and swimming pool.

‘Security Deposit’ means the cash deposit given to the Owner against any loss or damage the Client may cause to the Property and/or its contents, or any unpaid local charges.

‘Condition Form’ means the form by which the Client and the Owner confirm the condition and cleanliness of the Property upon arrival and departure.

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